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Seattle’s house that may have inspired “Up” now for rent

Otherwise known as the Edith Macefield House, this Ballard home got its reputation after Macefield refused to sell her home to developers for $1 million, resulting in a silly looking development.

This image shows the famed "Up House" sitting up against the shops of the Ballard Block development. It stands out pretty starkly from the environment around it. But there is one nice-looking tree in front of the otherwise gray house.

The contrast between buildings is quite stark.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

“Adventure is out there” — could it be that your adventure leads you to rent out the Ballard home that may have once inspired the 2009 Disney Pixar film “Up?”

That’s right. In a situation that very closely resembles Carl’s refusal to sell his home to developers early on in the movie, Seattleite Edith Macefield decided to keep her home, leading builders to erect the Ballard Blocks right around it. Years after her death, the home is up for rent.

Of course, Macefield’s story happened far before “Up” was released, leading to lots of speculation over whether her story inspired the well-loved animated film.

This theory intensified after Disney displayed balloons above the house as a promotion for the film in May 2009.

But here’s the story of how we got this quirky development.

A side by side image shows the likeness of the "Up" house and Edith Macefield's home in Ballard.

The resemblance between the house in “Up” (left) and Edith Macefield’s house (right) is fairly uncanny, we think.

Film still from Disney/Pixar’s Up, Streetview via Google

“You boys are ruining our house.” — Carl

In 1952, Edith Macefield moved into the home at 1438 NW 46th St. with her mother and remained in the space quite peacefully until 2006. Around this time, developers began to plan out the shopping mall that is now the Ballard Blocks. Reports say the developers offered Macefield $1 million to move out so they could build on her lot.

Macefield’s answer was plain and simple — No.

For specificity’s sake, she was quoted as saying, “I don’t care about money. I’m 84. I’m perfectly happy here. And I don’t want to move.”

So, the Ballard Blocks went up around her.

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The house as it stands is pretty much just nuts and bolts. It was almost demolished in 2008 because so many potential buyers saw the space as too costly to renovate. However, the current owner now has their own renovations plans (specifics yet to be released).

The asking rent is averaging out at ~$60,000/year for 1,339 sqft of usable space. However, terms seem to be negotiable.

Now all you need is some balloons.

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