Scarecrow Video got awkward visit from director Kevin Smith

But it was all good in the end

Rows of video shelves in front of a sign that says "Films Organized by Director."

Scarecrow has many of its titles organized by famous director.

Photo by @pswett

Call it a celeb slighting?

While in town to promote the coda to his slacker-comedy trilogy “Clerks III” over the past couple of days, famed indie director Kevin Smith stopped by U District’s retro movie rental emporium Scarecrow Video — and had his “brag humbled.”

Kevin was clearly impressed with Scarecrow’s vast library of 140,000+ titles, calling it “cineaste heaven.” But when perusing the forest of films, he was a little bummed when he didn’t see his name anywhere among the director-dedicated sections. Whoopsie.

Scarecrow fixed the oversight a little bit later, giving Kevin his due with shelves full of the movies he starred + directed in. Kevin soon tweeted back that it was all good — and he appreciated the gesture.

We hope Scarecrow keeps up with a list of visiting Hollywood-types, just in case they need to work up some shelving adjustments down the line. Our calendar of events should help ‘em out.

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