Seattle’s version of the Choco Taco lives on

A view of two ice cream tacos from Seattle restaurant Sawyer

Sawyer’s Choco Taco version has a graham waffle shell. | Photo by Sawyer

Yes, there’s always still room for dessert. Many may still be mourning the loss of the Choco Taco after company Klondike announced it would be discontinuing the brand. But weep not, Seattleites — a couple of local versions can easily fill the void, including one at Ballard restaurant Sawyer.

Chef Mitch Mayers has been serving this playful, S’mores-like twist on the classic for years now, served in a graham waffle cone with peanut butter ice cream + toasted meringue. It takes its place alongside a Choco Taco take at cocktail bar Canon and a soon-to-be released version from Salt & Straw as Seattle’s enduring homages to the dearly departed treat.

But if you wanna get even more nostalgic for after-school summer snacks, be sure to try:

  • Sawyer’s Dilly Bar: made with cookie dough semifreddo in a Theo chocolate shell
  • Nue’s Otter Pops: boozy — so a little more adult than you remember
  • Hello Robin’s Ice Cream Sandwiches: stuffed to the gills
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