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Seattle filming locations in ‘Love is Blind,’ season four

The setting for all the family meet and greets and heartfelt conversations


Ah, Seattle — the city of love.

Even if reality TV isn’t necessarily your thing, you may have found yourself watching “Love is Blind” season four for all of the “Oh! I know where that is!” moments.

This season featured contestants from our beautiful city (and Portland — still a hotly contested issue). There were also several scenes where the love birds met their new significant others’ friends and families at local businesses around town.

Here are all the spots that made their small-screen debut.

Spoiler alert for episode six onwards.

  • Fogón Cocina Mexicana | Episode six | Brett meets Tiffany’s friends and family.
  • Smith | Episode six | Zack apologizes to Bliss for choosing Irina.
  • Poquitos | Episode six | Micah confronts Irina about whether Irina flirted with her fiancé.
  • Rhein Haus | Episode seven | Micah meets Paul’s mom.
  • Olympia Coffee | Episode eight | Paul meets Micah’s parents.
  • Kerry Park | Episode eight | Brett and Tiffany have a heart to heart.
  • Rub-a-Dub Dog Wash | Episode eight | Chelsea and Kwame pamper her pup Rocky.
  • Alibi Room | Episode eight | Paul meets Micah’s friends.
  • Elsom Cellars | Episode eight | The couples reunite.
  • Do the Extraordinary | Episode nine | Chelsea and Kwame shop at the now closed store.
  • Light Sleeper | Episode nine | Micah and Paul have a relationship check-in.
  • Rapport | Episode nine | Zack meets Bliss’s mom and sister.
  • a&bé bridal shop | Episode nine | Where all the ladies get their gowns.
  • Local Coffee Spot | Episode nine + 10 | Jackie meets an old flame.
  • Lawless Forge | Episode 10 | Micah and Paul make their wedding bands.
  • Seaplane Scenics | Episode 10 | Brett takes Tiffany in her first small plane ride.
  • Maximilien | Episode 10 | Brett surprises Tiffany with photos he took of her.
  • Underbelly | Episode 11 | The boys celebrate their marriages with a stag party.
  • Unicorn | Episode 11| The girls enjoy their bachelorettes.
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