Seattle Kraken continue amazing Stanley Cup Playoff run

The hockey team moves on to round two after a big upset against the reigning Stanley Cup champs.

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The energy at the Kraken’s first playoff home game on Sat., April 22 was... intense... and loud.

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If other NHL teams weren’t nervous about the If other NHL teams weren’t nervous about the Seattle Kraken before, they definitely fear the deep now.

On Sunday, the Seattle Kraken knocked the defending champion Colorado Avalanche off their Stanley Cup throne to win their first playoff series ever. That’s a huge upset and something that will definitely go down in hockey history. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Seattle is the first expansion team to defeat a reigning Stanley Cup champion club during its playoff debut.
  • It’s the first team to knock a Stanley Cup champion out in the first round since 2020.
  • It’s only the second team ever to score the first goal in every game of a playoff series.

Next up, the Kraken take on the Dallas Stars, with Game One of the best-of-seven series starting tonight at 6:30 p.m., airing on ESPN.

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