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Seattle Mariners gear up for opening day

Let’s go, M’s.


We can actually feel the excitement from here.

Photo via the Mariners

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Batter up. We’re less than 36 hours away from the beginning of the Mariners’ 2023 season, which means it’s officially time to pull out your baseball caps and clear fanny packs.

Here’s everything you need to know for our home team’s Opening Day on Thursday, March 30.

What you need to know for the first game

Opening Day festivities begin at 6 p.m. Local singer/songwriter Shaina Shepherd will sing the national anthem and a collection of Seattle All-Stars will throw the ceremonial first pitch.

We’re playing the Cleveland Guardians for this first series, and the 26-man roster is set. Meet the M’s who will take the field.

If you’re headed to the game, don’t forget to refresh on what you can and can’t bring to the field.

New snacks

Here for the food? We don’t blame you. These are the new noms you’ll want to check out this season.

What the hardcore fans are talking about

You’ll hear some gossip while you’re waiting in line for your Seattle dog — these are the hot topics.

  • Plenty of fans are feeling pretty optimistic about the outlook for a World Series run this year following last year’s general success. Current betting odds also have us stacked pretty high up against other teams for a chance at the title.
  • All eyes are on Julio Rodriguez as he enters his second MLB season. He shot straight up to star status, but will he continue to meet expectations?
  • Major League Baseball also had some pretty significant rule changes this year. Fans will see the introduction of a pitch clock, defensive restrictions on infielders, and larger bases.

We know that’s a lot of information, but here’s the most important thing: baseball is finally back, and it’s time to play ball.

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