Seattle’s new XFL team is ready for kickoff

Everyone meet the Sea Dragons.

A player on the XFL's Seattle Sea Dragons practices in uniform.

Cool logo, bro — the Sea Dragons are one of eight teams in the XFL.

Photo via the XFL

Wait, where are you going with all those wings and nachos? The football season isn’t over yet. This weekend, the free-flying league known as the XFL returns to action after a long hiatusand we have our very own team.

Let’s all meet the Seattle Sea Dragons (no relation to the Targareyans) — and see what this funky pigskin pastime is all about. 🏈

What the F does the X mean?

Er, nobody’s really sure. The league’s original founder Vince McMahonthe pro wrestling mogulonce joked that the XFL was known as the “Xtra Fun League.” He created the first version back in 2001 as a faster-paced alternative to the NFL that also had looser rules, flashier presentation, and more scoring. But it only lasted one season.

Undeterred, the XFL came back for a brief time in early 2020 with a team called the Seattle Dragons — only to have the season scuttled by the pandemic. Now, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson (yes, that guy) has helped revive the XFL yet again.

Quarterback Ben DiNucci wears his Sea Dragons practice jersey in an empty stadium.

Seattle quarterback Ben DiNucci was once drafted by the Dallas Cowboys

Photo via the XFL

But it’s still football, right?

Absolutely. Most of the same NFL rules apply, with a few twists like no coin tosses in overtime to keep things spicy. The Sea Dragons even play home games at Lumen Field, just like the Seahawks.

You’ll also notice familiar NFL names. Former New Orleans Saints coach Jim Haslett is in charge of Seattle’s squad, and the team’s stars include wide receiver Josh Gordon, who was once a Pro Bowler.

When do I pull out my foam finger?

The Sea Dragons kick off their season on the road on Sunday, Feb. 19 and host their first home game on Thursday, Feb. 23 with a pre-party at Lumen Field that includes food trucks, live music, and more.

Tickets start at ~$20 — and you can watch the games on ESPN and FX.

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