Seattle sees latest 80°+ day in 130 years

Just one of two wild records that were broken

Seattle Sunset

While Sunday was eerily hot, it was still an especially gorgeous day.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Okay, yes — we were all already talking about how hot it is, but let’s talk about it for a bit longer because it’s kinda bananas.

There are two records worth bringing up here.

First, Seattle tied the record for most 70° days in October last week. Since then, we’ve had three more of those days, so... record officially broken.

In fact, in all days but one, our daily temperature highs have all sat at nine degrees or higher than the average temperature for that day.

As for the second record uh... Sunday was HOT, y’all. Like 20° above normal hot. We haven’t had an 80° day this late in the year since 1892. The Great Seattle Fire was still seven years off back then.

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