Where to check out Seattle’s cherry blossoms

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The Seattle Center’s Cherry Blossom Festival is scheduled for Fri., April 8-Sun., April 10. | Photo by @steven.t.luong

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Know what’s got a spring in our step? The cherry blossoms have officially popped.

University of Washington announced last week that we’d be hitting the trees’ peak bloom — which is considered to be when 70 percent of a tree’s blossoms have emerged — within a matter of days. So, if we’re not already there, we will be super soon.

Whenever the trees have hit this mark, they’ll stay bountiful of blooms for about two weeks — assuming no major storms roll through (we’re looking at you atmospheric river). So, it’s time to get a game plan in mind.

Here are some of the more popular spots, or you can check out the Seattle Department of Transportation’s interactive tree map (use map’s Explore Street Trees header) to see what’s near you.

University of Washington Quad 🌸

The university’s collection of 29 cherry trees makes this a flower lover’s dream + a great Instagram location. The U District Cherry Blossom Festival runs from Fri., March 25-Sun., April 10, but you can also enjoy the beauty from your home with this livestream of its pink trees.

Washington Park Arboretum / Japanese Garden 🌸

You’ll find the cherry blossoms along the arboretum’s Azalea Way, which is free to walk through. However, if you want to use the opportunity to cruise the Japanese Garden, there are other beautiful displays — we just recommend a reservation if you’re heading out on a weekend.

Seattle Center 🌸

While you can find cherry trees scattered around this main tourist attraction, a large amount can be found in the Seattle Center’s September 11 Memorial Garden. Here, there are two sets of trees (one made of Kwansan cherry trees and the other of Mt. Fuji cherry trees) that were donated by Japan. And don’t miss the Seattle Cherry Blossom + Japanese Cultural Festival happening from Fri., April 8-Sun., April 10.

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