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Meet the editors behind SEAtoday

We’re introducing the brains behind SEAtoday’s newsletter, articles, and social media.

Left to right, Madeline and Alina stand arm-in-arm by the waters of Green Lake. The sun is setting in the background, casting a hazy glow across the water's surface. A floating dock in the lake sports high and low diving board.

Madeline (left) and Alina (right) are the culprits behind SEAtoday’s corny puns and dad jokes.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

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Hey Emerald City, Alina + Madeline here. Between the two of us, we get the privilege of sharing local news, events, and conversations with readers Seattle daily — here, and on social.

Madeline joined us three-ish months ago, so we thought we should take the opportunity to re-introduce ourselves.

This time, our amazing readers submitted the questions — so let’s get into it.


Don’t let me catfish you — I’m not a fisherman at all. Me and this salmon just look pretty good together.

Photo by a different fish

Meet Alina 🫐

Q: What would have to be a part of your perfect day in Seattle?

A: If somehow I could fit all of this into a single day I’d want to do something on the water like swimming, boating, etc. near where there’s something I can jump off of so I can go home feeling a little brave. Then, I want a milk stick pastry from Fuji Bakery and pho from Lucky’s Pho. Lastly, I’d want to wrap up with some dancing — either at one of the Crocodile’s Gimme Gimme Discos or by doing something silly like trying to teach my friends or a stranger ballet at a bar (many have fallen victim).

Q: What do you collect?

A: Rocks. I am physically unable to go to a beach and not pick something up. The prizes are a couple of bigger rocks that I found here in Washington, took back to Tennessee via carry-on (TSA only stopped me for the half gallon of blueberries that I also had with me), and then brought back to Washington when I moved here in 2021.

Q: What brought you to Seattle?

A: I wanted to be closer to my Dad who moved up here in 2018. There were just more opportunities to do the things I like up here like dance, paint, sail, hike, etc. Tennessee just gets too hot for me. Plus, IT’S BEAUTIFUL HERE.

Madeline is sitting on a rooftop patio holding a green class of fizzy juice. They are smiling at the camera and holding the glass up in front of them.

Madeline’s happy place is on a rooftop with a fizzy drink in hand.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

Meet Madeline

Q: What brought you to Seattle?

A: This job, actually. Previously, I was writing for SACtoday. When I saw the opportunity to transfer to SEAtoday, I jumped (for joy) at the opportunity to move to one of my favorite places on the planet. I feel like my Colorado roots really come into play now that I’m back in a crunchy, outdoorsy community — and I’m here for it.

Q: What would have to be a part of your perfect day in Seattle?

A: I’d start the day off with an iced honey latte from Analog Coffee, then make my way to Discovery Park Beach during low tide for some beach combing and tidepooling. After that, lunch is a must to keep my hangry demons at bay. Let’s make a stop at Thai Tom for some spicy noods, then we have to stop at some thrift shops in the U District area because... I mean... they’re right there. After some spending that I definitely didn’t budget for, I’m heading to a rooftop spot for drinks while I admire my haul. Fashion show, anyone?

Q: What do you collect?

A: You just asked a question that paves the way to my heart — in this household, we hoard trinkets and miscellaneous items to no end. My windowsill currently hosts a few miniature gnomes, plenty of cool rocks, and a small family of Smiskis. I also have what I would call “little guys” hidden sporadically around my apartment. Imagine a bunch of miniature figures in every nook and cranny: hedgehogs, frogs, the occasional cow, a couple Kodama, more frogs.

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