SEAtoday ideas for a Pete Carroll replacement as Seahawks head coach

We have some really serious expert opinions.

There's a lot going on here. An orca is holding a football, Mayor Bruce Harrell has a 12's pennant, Bill Belichick looks angry in Seahawks swag, and a fake IG profile image are superimposed above a picture of Lumen Field.

There’s a lot going on here, so we’ll give you a moment to take this in.

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ICYMI, the Seahawks and head coach Pete Carroll are taking a step back from each other.

The Seahawks announced that Carroll would no longer be head coach of the team, but transfer to an adviser position next season.

Which leaves us all with a big question: who’s next?

There’s quite a bit of speculation out there already, ranging from Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn to former Titans head coach Mike Vrabel. Here are some of our own, totally serious ideas.

An orca

Okay, but listen, we’ve all seen what the whales have done to boats in the European waters — imagine what they could do when also in charge of 53 super buff dudes. PNW orcas would seize control of all waters and secure a spot at the 2025 Super Bowl just because they can.

Bill Belichick

Fans certainly remember when the Patriots robbed us of a second Super Bowl win in 2015 with a last-minute interception. Rumor has it Belichick may be leaving New England soon, so this could either be a genius move to bring in another Hall of Fame coach to make it up to us or part of the coach’s evil plan to add salt to our still-bleeding wound through sabotage. We’re on to you, Belichick.

Mayor Bruce Harrell

Seattle’s leader was a former star linebacker at UW, and the Seahawks love defense. We’ve also personally seen the mayor at public events drop for push-ups or shoot some hoops. There’s just no way the idea hasn’t at least crossed his mind following the UW vs. Michigan championship game.

One of our Instagram followers

Budding coaching candidate @you_already_schnow commented online to let us know his plans once he takes over as coach: “I fully intend on wrestling and then taming a wild rhino. I’ll stick em at DE.” This sounds promising enough to us.

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