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Celebrating Seattle moms with reader-submitted stories

Let’s shower some love on these incredible people.

A collage of photos depicting readers' moms.

How did we get so lucky to have such incredible people with us in our lives?

Photo via submitted photos

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For Mother’s Day this year, we asked you all to share stories or just something that you love about the person you’re celebrating on Sunday. Here’s what you all shared with us.

Surekha A. for Minnie S.

“A few years ago, I took my mom on the Rattlesnake Ledge hike. It was a warm summer day. We took our time hiking to the top, and when we summited and she looked around at the crowd of people lunching at the top, she said “I think I’m the oldest person up here.” Yeah mom, I don’t think many 70 year olds go on this hike. That’s my mom though, always up for adventure, and never quits when she sets her mind to something.”

Rebecca M. for Gail S.

“When I was younger, my mom--a full-time school teacher--used to get my brother and I up, pack us lunches for school, and make our breakfast (NOT hers!) which was typically delicious Quaker Instant Oatmeal and PopTarts (I love both to this day). Then WHILE I was eating my oatmeal, my mom would stand behind me and curl my hair with a curling iron. All BEFORE she went to work each day (likely without any breakfast of her own). Crazy Incredible, Selfless, and Loving!!!! I am amazed at all she did for us and gave to us--Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!”

Rebecca C. for Kathy B.

“My mom died from lung cancer when I was 16 and my best friend’s mom took me in as her own, giving freely of her time, love, support, mofus, and yakisoba. She was always ready with a smile and a hug, football knowledge (go Chiefs!), and amazing positive energy. I love you so much, Mrs. B!”

Surjit S.F. for Niranjan K.F.

“Mother is not merely a word; it is a universe unto itself. She is the most important person in everyone’s lives. God made “Mother” because he is unable to be everywhere. She is magnificent in character because she sacrifices not only her wants but also those of her children to satisfy their wishes. Optimistic about her kids, she believes her child is the greatest in the world no matter what the circumstances, and she constantly wants the best for him. Not to mention that a mother’s willpower is difficult to break; she always mounts a tenacious defense whenever her kids get into difficulty. Halcyon in every situation, from the anxiety she feels while carrying her kid to the anguish of giving birth... A woman experiences physical and emotional changes because of sleepless nights and the subsequent rearing of a child, but she handles it all calmly and without complaint. The height of devotion and love A mother is the only person who will love you sacrificially in a society where relationships are primarily motivated by self-interest. A mother really holds a higher status than God. God gives birth to human beings, nurtures them, gives them pain and happiness, and finally gives them death. Mother gives birth, nurtures, only gives happiness, and seeks happiness for the offspring and eternal life for the offspring. Gives, not death like God. She remains devoted to the betterment of her children until her last breath. Even America’s President Abraham Lincoln once said, “Whatever I am or whatever I will be, I am only because of my mother. The words of Cardinal Mermillod once stated, “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” My mother is like the light of God, the rites and prayers and blessings given by her are always a light tower and a right path for her me. My Mother is the whole world for me because after my father left our life forever 46 years ago, there was darkness in our life, but mother Naranjan K. became a father to me. The sun of hope rose in my life. I always see God in my mother because she never let me down. In every home, mother’s respect should be equal to that of God, because no matter what religion, no caste, no matter how poor or how rich the mother is, she is equally concerned for her children so does mine. Mother is like creation for children and nothing is more than mother. Mother’s blessings from childhood prove to be a boon for the offspring throughout their life. For me, mother was not only a mother but also a father, because my father left us when I was 4 years old to Canada for our better future, but sadly 11 years passed away, he never came back as after living in Canada for a good 11 years died with heart attack, now and I am 52, since, she still prayed to God for me and my brother and sisters. For me having a mother in the house is like God who explains the meaning of good and bad to me and always tries to guide the right path to become good. If I have never seen God in front of my house, I am sure that he must be like my mother because I have always looked up to God in my mother. My mother, has always taught me to stand by the truth and right and has explained that one should not harm anyone and should not be silent when someone is being bullied. Just because of the high rites given by my mother, today I am steadfast even sitting across the seven seas, because I know that no matter how big a storm comes over me, my mother will stand with me as God. Same we are teaching our both kids. Happy mother’s day all!”

Story submission request

Hi everyone — City Editor Alina here.

I’ve mentioned my mom a few times in the newsletter’s Wrap — you may have even helped me wish her a happy birthday back in February.

She’s brilliant and the source of so much of my sense of humor, writing abilities (I’m sure you all appreciate that), and the talent I have for finding joy in the world around me.

While I love having a space to talk about her, I really want to know about the special people in your life, too.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’d love for you to submit a memory you have of the person you celebrate on this holiday, something you love about them, or something that you want to tell them. I’ll take them and compile one big, tear-jerker of an article that we can all share.

So, tell me about them.

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