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It’s a saucy.

Two pizza pies sit delicately on a wooden table next to two glasses of red wine.

We made the wrong decision to write this around lunchtime. This pie from Lupo is making our stomachs growl.

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Alright, pizza lovers — we’ve got something fun we’re ready to dish out.

Last week, we posted a saucy, little pizza poll for National Pizza Day and you all ran with it. We got the second most amount of responses on a survey than we’ve ever gotten, so you all are obviously passionate. We love it. Here’s what you said.

The first question was pretty standard. You all prefer New York (47%) and Neapolitan style (32%) pizzas over Chicago (12%) and Detroit (5%).

In order of favorite toppings, anchovies were dead last (poor fish).The most amount of people listed sausage as their favorite (not pepperoni? Weird...).

As for pineapple and ham, no one loves it enough to put it in their will, but 31% of you don’t mind it from time to time. And just as many people were tired of this question as people who hate the controversial combination (21%).

You all were pretty split on our weird “If a pizza only has one piece of pepperoni on each slice (and no other toppings), does it still count as a pepperoni pizza?” question. 60% said “no, that’s not enough pepperoni” and 40% said “Technically, yes.”

Also, wow — the shame. 58% of you listed other pizza restaurants as the best places in town than the ones we pre-populated for you. But, what’s extra cool is that there were very few overlaps in those suggestions, with lots of varied favorites. Looks like we have some exploring to do. Stay tuned for a full length piece on this soon.

Lastly, you all weren’t kidding. New York and Neapolitan really are your favorites — 56% prefer thin and chewy, baby and one person really has it out for pineapple and ham pizza, voting “I don’t care as long as its not pineapple and ham.”

Poll Introduction

(Published Feb. 9, 2023)

Not to get all cheesy, but Thursday, Feb. 9 is National Pizza Day. Well, really every day should be National Pizza Day.

While we’ll go into some of our favorite local spots to grab a slice in a future newsletter, we’ll start with some saucy questions and get your own thoughts on Seattle’s ‘za scene.

So, take a little click-y, click over to our poll this to give us a piece of your mind. We’ll share the results soon. 🍕

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