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4 ways Hyatt at Olive 8 is winning the sustainability game

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The hotel is conveniently located near 60+ public transportation routes that connect throughout the city + region, allowing visitors to explore while reducing their carbon footprint.

Photos provided by Hyatt at Olive 8; GIF created by SEAtoday

Caring for the planet while providing world-class hospitality is the main focus at Hyatt at Olive 8. Here’s a quick snapshot of the hotel’s sustainability practices:

  • The Green rooftop retains 75% of rainwater, helping to mitigate stormwater runoff and insulating the hotel’s meeting spaces to reduce heating + cooling energy consumption.
  • Leftover + untouched food is donated to local hunger-eliminating nonprofits, such as Mary’s Place and Plymouth Housing.
  • Each year, 350,000+ tons of waste is diverted from landfills through composting.
  • Rooftop wind turbines capture fan exhaust and turn it into energy.

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