What to do during heavy rainfall in the Seattle area

Here’s how to spot an oncoming landslide and what to do if you notice flooding.


The Snohomish River is one of the 16 in Western Washington that is experiencing flooding. (Picture circa 2006)

Photo by Walter Siegmund

We hope you’re staying dry, Seattle — although we expect that that’s been pretty difficult with this massive atmospheric river (or Pineapple Express) flowing through our skies.

The weather is wreaking quite a bit of havoc. Flooding has been reported or is imminent from 16 nearby rivers and landslides are occurring in the region, including one on the popular Burke-Gilman Trail.

Here are some resources for what to do in an emergency.

  • 8.4% of the city’s surface is prone to landslides — the City of Seattle has a list of common warning signs and steps to take if you notice them.
  • Seattle Public Utilities can assist with urban flooding issues and sewer back-ups.
  • Brush up on flood safety tips.
  • Sign up for local emergency alerts with AlertSeattle.
  • Check out how to protect your home from future flooding.
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