Where to rent boats and kayaks in Seattle

We can’t name a better way to enjoy the warm weather than floating on the lake.


All we’re saying is that boat days are really good for your mental health — especially when paired with one of the Electric Boat Company’s charcuterie boards.

Photo by @maria.treen

Is the heat making you feel a little nauti? Here are a few places around Seattle where you can rent your own boat for a wavy adventure.

The Center for Wooden Boats | Looking to harness the power of the wind? This South Lake Union educational center has a selection of rentable sailboats, rowboats, and canoes waiting for you — and lessons, too.

Hot Tub Boats | Okay, this isn’t probably what you want on really hot days. But bookmark this for later in the year when the sun is still out, but you might need a sweater.

The Electric Boat Company | Feeling fancy, eh? These Lake Union luxury boats can be paired with charcuterie board + beverage add-ons.

Woodmark Waterfront Adventures | Bring your friends and rent out motorboats, jet skis, kayaks, or paddleboards for some summer fun on Lake Washington.

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