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Seattle’s true calendar of seasons

There’s more than just summer, fall, winter, and spring

Golden Gardens Park

Are Seattleites moody because of the weather? Or does like just attract like?

Photo by @gillianpeckhamphoto

We’re not sure who’s in charge of flipping the switch on the year’s seasons in Seattle, but they’ve definitely got a sense of humor.

The way the moody, cool weather rolled in right at the start of autumn last week felt like a divine blessing for us pumpkin spice lovers. Now we can’t help but giggle that highs are supposed to reach near the 80s this week. It gets confusing on whether or not its time to pull out our sweaters, you know?

Luckily, someone mapped out Seattle’s actual seasonal calendar to help us out. We’re pretty sure today counts as summer, the sequel, but just on the verge of fall color.

Any thoughts on where you think we are? Have a favorite Seattle season? Or is there one you think we need to add in? Let us know.

Seattle's true seasonal calendar

Finally, some clarity on the seasons.

Screenshot of u/fernandfeather via Reddit

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