UPDATE: is the Wallingford Red Goo mystery solved?

For weeks northern Seattleites (and SEAtoday staff) have been plagued by the mystery of the Wallingford red goo. Basically, it’s an otherworldly ball of vivid slime that attracts ants +has continuously reappeared along the neighborhood’s sidewalks without any clear explanation.

We did our own investigative reporting last month and narrowed down the possibilities to a prank, aliens (of course) — and the Wallingford Beast.

However, a vigilant community member now seems to have found solid evidence that the goo is in fact melted Swedish Fish — a possibility we gave a likelihood of 6 out of 10 goo-gles.

But should this really be the answer, it only leaves us with a plethora of more questions:

  • Who is leaving these fish in the street?
  • What have they done to deserve such a harrowing fate?
  • Why buy the tasty snacks repeatedly only to discard them at a later time?

Stay tuned with us as we follow @wallingfordredgoo for more.

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