West Seattle Bridge has a reopening date

Mark your calendars with a big, fat pen that writes in sparkles + glitter. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) announced that the West Seattle Bridge will open on Sun. Sept. 18 — officially ending more than two years of repairs to the infrastructure. Huzzah.

From the outside, the bridge won’t look all that much different than before— but a recent glimpse of its guts showed 46 miles of steel cables installed. Pretty cool, right? That should keep the ol’ guy pretty fit for about the next half century. 🦺

But immediate impacts of the reopening include:

  • Fewer traffic jams with removal of detour signs — all restrictions will be lifted on the lower Spokane Street Swing Bridge as well
  • Red bus lane reopening toward downtown
  • New exit signs listing more West Seattle roads
  • Smoother four-lane Fauntleroy Way road
  • Huge sighs of relief

Keep an eye out on SDOT’s blog for updates as we get closer to our September to remember.

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