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5 benefits of vanpooling around Seattle 🚘

Exploring a new way to commute with King County Metro’s rideshare option.

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Vanpooling saves time and money and offers flexible options to accommodate full-time, part-time, or hybrid work weeks.

Photo provided by King County Metro

Ridin’ solo? There’s a better way to commute. Grab two or more of your besties (or family members, or coworkers) and reap the benefits of vanpooling. King County Metro’s rideshare option includes everything you need for your commute in one monthly fare — the van, gas, tolls, insurance, maintenance, and more.

Here’s how vanpooling can transform your commute:

  1. Save on… everything. Whether commuting three days a week or seven, vanpooling saves time, money, and the environment (think: being able to use carpool lanes, contributing to fewer cars on the road, and not paying for gas + tolls).
  2. Pick your driver. Lessen stress by sharing driving responsibilities.
  3. Decrease car wear and tear. Did you catch that? The van is included. Read: Keep your car in your driveway and save on car maintenance (and insurance).
  4. Play “I can in a van.” Take the passenger seat and catch up on reading, emails, shopping, or that game you can’t stop playing.
  5. Ride with friends (or make new ones). Commute with a consistent group of friends who have a similar commute — or join an existing vanpool. See how it works.*
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