Airports and Transportation

Here’s how to get around and enjoy some hiking and outdoor recreation, even if you don’t have your own vehicle.
The network was created to help cities reach a goal of lower emissions by the upcoming date.
We’ve got a travel hack to make long flights more bearable — meet the Airfly wireless audio transmitter.
Britt Jezak from Port Orchard found some inspiration during a crisis.
Apply online and visit a local enrollment center ahead of spring and summer travel.
From cost to van maintenance, the local pros at King County Metro answer our most pressing questions about vanpooling in Seattle.
Late-winter is unofficially ‘pothole season’
Always floats our boats.
The jumbo jet reshaped commercial air travel and was a big boost to Seattle.
Collections took a nearly three-year break.
It’ll stay up for the foreseeable future, despite new city banner codes.
Exploring a new way to commute with King County Metro’s rideshare option.
A guide to gates, parking, nonstop flights, and more.
For one monthly fare, vanpool participants have everything commute-related covered (think: a van, fuel, tolls, insurance, maintenance, 24/7 support/roadside assistance + more).
Riders can get discounts if they scoot or bike to a transit stop.
The Cascades route is open again 🚆
The wait is almost over
Good news for Seattle.
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