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5 ways King County Metro Vanpool makes your commute less stressful

For one monthly fare, vanpool participants have everything commute-related covered (think: a van, fuel, tolls, insurance, maintenance, 24/7 support/roadside assistance + more).

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2 women sitting in the front seat of a van smiling

Members of vanpool groups have developed strong relationships with their vanpool buddies and do things together outside of their commute.

Photo provided by King County Metro

The coolest commute hack: Joining a vanpool. The alternative rideshare option saves time + money by allowing you to commute with a group of three or more people (think: neighbors, friends, coworkers, or an existing group). The best part: The affordable monthly fee includes a van, gas, tolls, insurance, car maintenance, 24-hour roadside assistance, and more.

A vanpool driver smiling at a man outside of the van in the foreground

“It has been a wonderful way to connect with coworkers who I don’t normally work with, and it’s been really fun,” says a vanpool participant. “I also love the idea that we’re helping reduce pollution by sharing a van.”

Photo provided by King County Metro

Participating in a vanpool makes the stress of commuting, well, less stressful — here’s how:

  1. Shorter commutes: Multiple passengers in one vehicle means access to HOV + toll lanes. Read: Less time in traffic + more time in your day.
  2. You don’t have to drive every day: Whether ridesharing three days per week or seven, Vanpool allows the driving responsibilities to be shared in the group. Groups can have designated drivers for different days of the week.
  3. Community building: Vanpooling gives you a chance to connect with others and build relationships that frequently extend beyond the van.
  4. Flexibility: Vanpooling allows everyone to have access to affordable, convenient and reliable transportation — from office workers transitioning back to their worksites to people who can’t use traditional transit systems due to their schedules or location (think: employees who work non-traditional schedules, live too far from bus or rail, or whose bus commute involves too many connections).
  5. You’re helping the environment: Less congestion on the roads means less pollution. Bonus: Less cars also make finding parking easier. In Seattle, for example, drivers spend an average of 57 hours per year looking for parking — that’s time you’ll get back by participating in vanpool.
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“I’ve made new friends, networked with coworkers and feel so much more relaxed while commuting,” says a vanpool member. “ We listen to podcasts, give each other networking tips and share recipes. In this age of global climate awareness, mindfulness, and health consciousness — a program like this is totally hip and on point.”

Photo provided by King County Metro

Vanpooling might just be the community’s best kept secret. Start a vanpool.*

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