4 sweet boba tea shops in Seattle

The sweet drink originated in Taiwan, but continues to grow in popularity.


We can’t lie, that brown sugar syrup looks like an absolute dream.

Photo by @happytomunch

If you’re looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth with a fun drink, boba (or bubble) tea is a Taiwanese treat that does the trick. Here are a few places around town where you can enjoy those tapioca pearls of magic.

Tiger Sugar | This instagram-famous company opened its first Washington location near Pike Place last summer. It’s best known for its black sugar boba whose syrup resembles tiger stripes streaking down the glass.

Hangry Panda | If you’re feeling a little adventurous, this restaurant has a boba made with durian, a fruit known for its pungent smell.

The Moo Bar | The drinks on this cafe’s menu will make you drool pretty quickly with flavors like Thai brulee, Oreo matcha cloud, and lychee dragonfruit.

Oasis Tea Zone | This shop with three locations in the area has a sporty look. Try the snow tea made with ice, creamer, and flavors like blueberry, lavender, or wintermelon.

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