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17 murals around Seattle, WA

Check out our guide to the many meaningful murals you can find around our city.


Hungry from all the art appreciation? There’s a cannoli stand right next door to this public art piece.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

We all know that Seattle has a vibrant art scene — and we’re not just talking about the Henry Art Gallery or the Cornish College of Arts. One of our all-time favorite galleries? Seattle itself.

The Emerald City is home to a number of meaningful murals and street art pieces. Today, we’re sharing where to find pieces that really paint a picture of our city.

Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 11.13.21 AM.png

Yep, that’s a totally flat surface you’re looking at — no hallway into the abyss here.

Photo by Wiseknave

From Here to There, 3450 Fourth Ave S. | By Katy Ann Gilmore
This trippy piece is one of 50 murals scattered throughout what’s called the SODO Track. The two-mile stretch of painted walls includes works from over 60 artists from 20 countries — this particular work is intended to inspire you to look beyond what you’d normally see.


Something to “ooh” and “ahh” at as you fight to get on the interstate.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Sunlight Over First Hill, I-5 overpass between James and Cherry Streets | By Nathan Watkins
Spanning 68 pillars on First Hill, this piece was painted by more than 100 Urban Artworks volunteers. The design was chosen through a 2017 competition.


We miss you, Sue Bird.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Seattle Storm Mural, Queen Anne Avenue and Mercer | By Zahyr and Mari Shibuya
Even though neither Sue Bird nor Breanna Stewart are on our team anymore, these queens will always deserve a mural near our home court.


Nothing like a motivational whiskey maker to encourage your shopping.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Make it Count, 3507 Fremont Place N. | By Paul Nunn
If you immediately recognized this mustache, it means one of three things: you’re a bartender, a Tennessean, or maybe you should give your liver a rest. None other than Jack Daniels himself graces the side of Fremont’s Triangle Spirits.


Queen Anne Met Market shoppers will definitely be familiar with this piece.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Queen Anne Wall, 600 First Avenue N. | By John Osgood and Zach Bohnenkamp
This design definitely makes us feel like we just re-entered the 70s. But you also might notice the inclusions of the Willow Goldfinch (Washington’s state bird), salmon, and a jellyfish.Mt. Rainier also appears on the far right end of the mural (not pictured).

IMG_4581 (1).jpg

This Belltown mural recently got a big touch-up.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Careless Whisper, 2112 First Ave. | By D*Face
Punk meets classic comic book art design in this massive Belltown work by the British street artist.


You’ll recognize this mural most by a leaping fox that’s just off-camera.

Photo by wiseknave

Terrestrial Memory, 2233 Sixth Ave. S. | By David Rice and Ola Volo
The artist duo mixes their individual talents for a piece blending multicultural folk figures with real-world counterparts.


We would very much like to take a cruise on any one of these whales.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

The Whale Wins, 3506 Stone Way N. | By Kyler Martz
James Beard Award-winning chef Renee Erickson’s restaurant of the same name sits just on the other side of this nautical work.

download (12).png

Only love can do that.

Photo by @jonathanshipley

Martin Luther King, Jr., 2726 E. Cherry St. | By James Crespinel
The mural’s original artist flew back to Seattle last year to re-touch the portrait after it was defaced in February 2022.


You might have missed this mural walking down the street if you didn’t look up.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Tetris, 8th Avenue and Pine Street| By Will Schlough, via Urban Artworks
If you’re a pessimist, you might see that someone’s painted over the bottom layer of this popular downtown piece. But if you’re a “glass half-full” kind of person, you may decide that someone’s just completed the bottom layer.

IMG_4587 (1).png

You’ll see something new every time you look at this mural.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Untitled, 2008 First Ave. | By Stephen “ESPO” Powers
This one’s for the nerds — in addition to a bunch of tech-y references to Microsoft, Apple, and the like, this mural’s artist also launched an interactive app-based beacon where anywhere near the mural could find a bunch of related content on the app Mixby.


This print would be an excellent background for your next headshot.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Room for Change, Pike Street Hill Climb | By Carolina Silva, via Urban Artworks
Even in the dead of winter, this cheery composition brightens each day — which is definitely appreciated when attempting to climb the steep hill between the Waterfront and Pike Place Market.


Hungry from all the art appreciation? There’s a cannoli stand right next door to this public art piece.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Henry Sasquatch, 3457 15th Ave W.| By Henry
If you’ve spent any considerable amount of time in Seattle, you’ll recognize Henry’s famous Sasquatches. The artist’s mural work decorates countless buildings across town, but this old gas station has one of the largest concentration of his cartoon-y pieces.


The University District has some bright new colors.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Untitled, 4300 University Way | By Stevie Shao
Stevie is another one of Seattle’s most easily recognizable muralists, with her bright-coloring and folkloric themes. You can find her other works tucked away in Belltown alleys or streaking across entire building faces — like this spot in the U District.


This colorful mural can be found along the Pike Hillclimb.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Market Memories, Pike Place Market | By Billy King
What you can’t see is that another mural by the same artists titled “Street Music” sits just on the other side of this wall. It’s one of the markets several art pieces scattered throughout the shopping center.


You might feel inspired to buy a record next door.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Abbey Road, 201 NE 45th Street | By David Heck
It only makes sense that a record store would honor one of rock n’ roll history’s most iconic albums.


You deserve the best in life.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Seattle Doesn’t Settle, 620 Stewart Street | Artist unlisted
Hidden in the alleyway next to Hotel Max, this piece regularly uplifts a number of downtown’s dumpsters.

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