City Editor Gabe’s favorite stories from SEAtoday

From red goo in Wallingford to Sue Bird’s swan song.

The Pike Place Market sign at sunset with street lights on and a man walking toward the market in a hooded sweatshirt.

That’s not literally me walking into the sunset (just metaphorically) — but I do love a good hoodie.

Photo via @0adam_noble86

Good morning, Seattle — City Editor Gabe here. Is it okay if I get a little sentimental? This is my last article at SEAtoday. Cue Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road.”

Soon I’ll be off to do food writing at the Infatuation — but I’m going to really miss our daily chats about the fun events, scintillating news, and wacky stories that could only happen in the Emerald City. You all were the best part of my day.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane with a few of my favorite stories since we launched this puppy in 2021.

Local oddities

Wallingford Goo: Remember when there was a small, red blob terrorizing the neighborhood? Sure, it was probably melted gummy candy — but that’s what the aliens want you to think.

Ravenna’s Giant Sinkhole: Nothing to see here — just a widening maw into the depths of the underworld.

Capitol Hill Ghost Vending Machine: We still don’t know what happened to this mysterious contraption that dispensed vintage soda. Visions of Mr. Pibb continue to haunt us.

The boring machine MudHoney with red paint and the name painted on the side

Here’s what MudHoney looked like in 2021 when the project began.

Photo via Seattle Public Utilities

Arts and big bores

MudHoney Finishes Its Job: This famed boring drill tunneled from Ballard to Wallingford — and I got starstruck seeing it in person.

Fremont Bridge’s Artist in Residence: Drawing inside a drawbridge? Local comic artist Vivian Li had a really cool gig.

Seattle’s Music Mount Rushmore: Seeing your picks for our made-up monument filled me with joy.

The Mariners celebrate after a walk-off victory on Fri., Sept. 30 at T-Mobile Park

Cal Raleigh hit a walk-off home run on Friday, sending the Mariners to the playoffs.

Photo courtesy of the Seattle Mariners

Sportsy milestones

Seattle Mariners Make Playoffs: This was a long time coming — and hopefully not the last time.

Climate Pledge Arena Opens: Ah, we still remember that new arena carpet smell and seeing the expansion Kraken play for the first time.

Saying Goodbye to Sue Bird: Not a single dry eye in the house.

With that, I bid you farewell. You’re still in the more than capable hands of Alina — and SEAtoday’s hiring, if you want to spread the word. Don’t be a stranger.

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