Seattle-related holiday dinner conversation topics

For all of those awkward pauses you might come across this Thanksgiving.

The Space Needle and the waterfront sit against a cotton candy pink sunrise.

This beautiful city is chock full of things to talk about.

Photo by Zoe Pappas

Yes, Thanksgiving is a holiday, but it’s also a game of survival as you wait for the good stuff (all of that glorious turkey). There’s traffic, all those people from high school in your hometown, and lots of potentially awkward conversations.

The Washington State Department of Transportation can help you with traffic strategy — we got the rest. Here are some options for getting the chitchat rolling during awkward dinner silences.

You’re talking to your wine aunt

Wine aunts are always out and about exploring the world, trying new things, and having mysterious rendezvous. Ask them what new restaurant or bar they’ve discovered recently that they love. Maybe make a recommendation of your own.

You want to stir up a (friendly) debate

This one fits the holiday theme: If Seattle were a Thanksgiving dish, which one would it be? (And if you’re looking for a hill to die on to get things rolling, you have real evidence to support apple pie).

Your little niece/nephew is bored

Need a break from the constant kiddie “why” questions? Beat them at their own game with conundrums like “Would you rather be Mt. Rainier or the Puget Sound?” or “If you were mayor of Seattle for a day, what would you do?” and always follow it up with “why?”

You’re sitting next to your super successful cousin

Get their thoughts on important issues like Seattle Public Schools’ budgetary dilemma, the city’s revised 2024 budget, or what zodiac sign each neighborhood would be.

You’re next to a long-winded storyteller

If they’re going to talk for awhile, you might as well find a way to engage and make things more interesting. Ask them about their favorite moment in Seattle history. Then tell us if you learned something new.

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