Eat and Drink

Patience can be a virtue.
A perfect little fall appetizer from Lark’s John Sundstrom.
‘Tis the season for steaming bowls of comfort.
Show off that big brain of yours.
It ghosted the neighborhood four years ago 👻
Perfect for when the babysitter cancels.
India’s “festival of lights” is celebrated with wonderful food
You never know what they’ll find toxic
She invented banana ketchup and continues to be a huge influence in Seattle.
Seattle chef Kaleena Bliss shares her seasonal recipe 🍁
Soul food, skewers + Laotian dishes get new digs
Cheers to even more years. 🍹
Harvesting tips and spots 🦪
There will be lots of chicken + rice plates
It’ll be in the former Tarsan i Jane space
Great food to go along with the wine
It’s 5 o’ clock somewhere
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