Elevated Elliott Way Waterfront connection will open soon

It now has the honorary name of Dzidzilalich.

Street signs show the names of Elliott Way and its honorary title Dzidzilalich on the Seattle Waterfront with local officials looking on

Elliott Way’s honorary name is also shared with a stretch of Alaskan Way.

Photo by Iris Picat via Friends of the Waterfront Seattle

Ah, get a whiff of that new pavement smell. After four years of work, a new elevated connection on Elliott Way from Belltown to the Waterfront will open soon.

There was a ceremony Monday to celebrate the coming milestone and unveil the road’s honorary name of “Dzidzilalich.” The announced opening timeline was “ahead of the summer crowds.”

What to expect:

  • Two new sidewalks along 10 blocks
  • New pedestrian crossings at Pine, Bell, Blanchard, Lenora, and Western
  • 3,200 feet of new bike lanes
  • Four new vehicle lanes
  • 46,000 individual plantings with 43 different species

About that new name:

Dzidzilalich (pronounced dzee-dzuh-lah-leech) is a Lushootseed word that means “little crossing-over place.” It referred to one of several villages in the Waterfront area once established by the Coast Salish people,

If you’re into street naming history, be sure to brush up on other monikers around the city.

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