The department hopes to get plans 30% completed by the end of 2023.
The new design will be built at the intersection of Thomas Street and Dexter Avenue North in South Lake Union.
The Japanese Garden and the Woodland Meadow are getting upgrades.
The bridge connects First Avenue to the newly renovated Colman Dock ferry terminal.
Heartwood is an affordable housing project in Capitol Hill.
The Friends of Little Saigon have secured a site for the Landmark Project, which includes affordable housing.
The draft took 18 months to complete and includes a 20-year vision for the city’s growth.
Most of the money will go towards supporting urban forestry and job training throughout the city.
The 81-year-old building is now the Labour Temple, with a “u.”
Here’s how to get over to Bainbridge during the change.
The hope is that the new land bridges over the interstate would re-connect neighborhoods.
Sound Transit will be running a few more environmental impact studies to make sure the new Link stations are in the best possible spots.
The Elliott Bay Connections project will bring a new bike path to Alaskan Way and upgrades to Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Parks.
Belltown is getting a new public space and you’ve got to check it out.
The center is seeking feedback from the public.
The National Public Radio station will host an open house Saturday, Aug. 26.
The tree named “Luma” became a cause this summer.
What might the next buyer do with it?
Followers of the Instagram account sent in their own contributions
The Ocean Pavilion is scheduled to open in 2024.
But the work isn’t over yet.
There are some seating options proposed to look out onto Elliott Bay.
Hybrid Architecture won a recent competition for the most intriguing idea.
The City is hosting a big celebration on Tuesday, June 13 to commemorate the park’s opening.
The ‘mini district’ will include apartments, retail, and a hotel when it’s all finished.
The Council said it would protect up to 10x the number of trees as the previous ordinance.
Glo’s and Watson’s Counter are the latest to find new locations.
The process is moving along, but who will renovate the stadium is still up in the air.
It now has the honorary name of Dzidzilalich.
Good news for Seattle.
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