What 2022’s Google search trends say about Seattle

It’s all up in the air.

A view of the Seattle skyline at twilight with haze in the background

Wildfire smoke made Seattle’s air quality among the poorest in the world this fall.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

What can search trends say about our fair city? Apparently, a lot.

Google’s recently released Year in Search for the Seattle area unveils what locals had on the brain in 2022. Here’s what popped up:

Things can get a little hazy. “Air quality near me” topped the list of most-searched terms, likely peaking in October when wildfire smoke arrived.

We’re currying favor. Seattle was the only place in the country that had “Indian grocery store” in its highest trending “near me” searches.

We love our home offices. Locals also typed in “remote jobs near me” a lot.

The grunge era is soooo over. Music lovers in Seattle Googled “rap” over every other genre.

Time to get pumped. The only two related searches in the top 10 included “gas prices.”

Will you take this poultry to be our lawfully wedded spouse? The famed “marry me chicken” was Seattleites’ most sought-out recipe. Awww.

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