Seattle named best city for cookie lovers

We can’t disagree.


Your dentist may not be happy about this news.

Photo via Pexels

🎶 Sugar. Oh, honey, honey. You are my cookie hubbbbbbb. 🎶

Yeah, okay. Those alternate lyrics are... a stretch, but we’re not wrong. Seattle was just named as the best city in the US for cookie lovers by LawnLove.

The ranking took into account factors like cookie shops per square mile, food delivery services, and most Google searches for cookie-related words.

But Seattle did exceptionally well when it came to having a lot of high-quality cookies (tell us about it) and a large number of spots that were open late (Midnight Cookie Co. has saved us on plenty of occasions). We even beat New York City — take that, Big Apple.

Now we’re also a little curious to see what the US’s biggest cookie city thinks about the dessert. What’s the best flavor and where is the best place to satisfy your sweet tooth? Let us know.

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