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9 Seattle-themed Halloween costumes

These will be a hit at your next party 🎃

A person on the left is dressed as Seattle's Fremont Troll in a white wig, carrying a toy VW van; the person on the left is wearing a brick wall with gum attached

These two delightfully weird Seattle icons go great together.

Photo by @lamaisuwanna

Howl’s your Halloween planning going, Seattle? With just 12 days left until the big day, time is ticking to find a fa-boo-lous look. 👻

Being a basic witch or plain ol’ pumpkin isn’t quite this city’s style — so here are nine unique, Seattle-themed costume ideas to get you started, ranked by effort.

Sleepless in Seattle

No need to channel Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan. Just wear some comfy pajamas, carry around an alarm clock, and paint some bags under your eyes with makeup. Zzzzzzzz.

Pike Place pigs

Don some gold body paint and a piggy costume kit to pay tribute to those iconic bronze statuesoink oink.

Fremont Troll

Channel this famed statue with a gray hippie wig and a weird fake eye. Or think outside the box by wearing a Fremont vintage t-shirt and taping on print-outs of your most provocative tweets.

Gum Wall

Stick with us here — all this requires is some crafty work to create a brick wall you can wear, then just a whole bunch of Bubblelicious.

Can of Rainier

Create a wearable cylinder from a large piece of poster board, wrap it in tinfoil + slap a stenciled “R’ on that baby.

A person dressed up as Seahawks coach Pete Carroll for Halloween

What’s the next play going to be? Better bring that Pete energy.

Photo by Casey Funke

Pete Carroll

Strap on a headset and pull on a Seahawks long sleeve — then stress chew while hunched over to fully get into character.

Space Needle

We kinda like this dress for going out no matter the season, but you can accessorize with a homemade headpiece + glow stick attached to the top. Voila — you’re a city landmark.

Amazon Spheres

Buy a large clear poncho, give it some shape by fastening an exercise hoop inside, and then just carry around a couple of houseplants. Bezos would be so proud.

Seattle Dog

All you need is a regular ol’ hot dog costume — only smeared with some white body paint to make that delicious cream cheese. Also might make a great costume for Fido.

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