Seattle’s Coolest Crows: The Finalists

It’s voting time

A flock of crows against a gray sky

Everyone’s flocking to vote for “Seattle’s Coolest Crow.”

Photo via Pexels

We’re so beakin’ excited right now. A couple of weeks ago, we announced our inaugural “Seattle’s Coolest Crow” contest and sent out a casting cawww for nominees.

You all came through big time. But which one will stand out from the flock (aka the very Halloween-sounding “murder”)?

Here are the finalists (bios mostly imagined by us).

A grid showing six crows in various environments

Seattle’s corvids just have that extra swag.

Photos submitted by readers listed below

  • Munnin | Has Nordic roots — loves knitting sweaters and playing with pups. Submitted by TroubleOn4Paws.
  • Sheryl Crow | All she wants to do is have some fun. Submitted by Andrew T.
  • Lucy | Tattoo model who owns a retro 50s hair salon. Submitted by Claudia S.
  • Snowflakes | Was into Nirvana before they were even signed. Submitted by B Kat.
  • Taylor | CEO of a promising startup that makes plant-based energy bars. Submitted by Samantha B.
  • Beaky | Directed Netflix doc about the waste management industry. Submitted by Samantha B.

Vote for your fave now — we’ll announce the winner next Fri., Nov. 4.

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