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On the Hunt for Seattle’s Coolest Crow

Send us your favorites. ❤️

A crow with a slightly damaged beak sits on a wire

Beaky is a White Center resident and totally cooler than us.

Photo by Samantha Burton

Have you been following all the uproar about Alaska’s Fat Bear Week? After a voting scandal, the competition crowned a champion this week: No. 747.

We’re happy for the big guy and everything, but here in Seattle we’re less about plump ursine — and all about winged magnificence.

That’s why we’re launching our own local wildlife competition to find Seattle’s Coolest Crow.

As you know, those bodacious birds are everywhere, but only a handful are truly chill. So we’d love for you to send in a photo of your fave neighborhood crow, what their name is, and why you think they deserve the ultimate prize.

For example, that cool chick above is named Beaky. She lives in White Center, sells artisanal spiced honey at local farmers markets, and claims to have dated Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament in the 90s.

We’re not sure if Beaky will make the final cut, but send in your nominees by Thurs., Oct. 27 ‘tis the season for crowing about our mysterious, fine-feathered friends.

UPDATE: We held a vote among six reader-submitted finalists — and it’s now down to the top two.

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