Run-off between Seattle’s top two ‘coolest crows’

It’s down to Sheryl Crow and Beaky.

A murder of crows gather on the tops of bare tree branches

Out of all the murders, two ended up killing it.

Photo via Pexels

Bird on the street is… our “coolest crow contest” is too close to call. After a week of voting for six finalists, two reader-submitted corvids are deadlocked: Sheryl Crow and Beaky. 👏

While they’re both winners in our books, for the sake of cool clarity, we’ve decided to do a run-off. Select your favorite — and we’ll crown an ultimate victor (for real this time) next Thursday.

Two crows side-by-side — the one on the left is named Sheryl Crow, the one on the right is named Beaky.

It’s so hard to choose just one of these beautiful faces.

Photo by readers listed below

Here’s more background on each contestant, with bios completely made up by us. 🪶

Get those votes in now.

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