Fun facts about UW’s upcoming national title battle

The Huskies take on the Michigan Wolverines Monday, Jan. 8.

UW football players hold up their hard-won Sugar Bowl trophy in celebration of their achievement.

Purple is the color of royalty after all.

Photo via @uw_football

Wow, wow, wow — we gotta say, winning the Sugar Bowl is a really sweet way to start off 2024.

After beating Texas 37-31 in the College Football Playoff semifinals, UW’s football team is about to play for a national title. The Huskies will face Michigan in Houston Monday, Jan. 8 and it’s all a lot of us can talk about.

Here are a few tidbits about the upcoming big game.

  • If UW wins, this will be its first title since 1991.
  • This will be the 14th time that UW and Michigan have played against each other. Of course, we’ll see a lot more of that once the Huskies join the Big Ten conference.
  • Of those 13 games, UW has won five times and Michigan won the last two.
  • The price for round-trip flights between Seattle and Houston have jumped up and average ~$1,000 for game weekend.
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