How to cope with the Big Dark in Seattle

Daylight Saving Time’s end will only make things dimmer.

A view of King Street Station in Seattle during a foggy night with the clock tower shining above a train platform

King Street Station sure gets moody sometimes.

Photo by @emslens_1714

Wait, no, we’re not ready yet — Sunday marks the end of Daylight Saving Time, which means setting all the clocks back an hour. (Yes, we still have to do that despite national lawmakers leaning toward ending the practice altogether by next March.)

And as the days get ever shorter, this is the beginning of the Big Dark in Seattle, when sunsets will start happening before 5 p.m. But rather than raging against the dying of the light, we have ways to illuminate your fall and winter.

Get a glow up 💡

TUO: The Circadian Smart Bulb | $59+
UW authored a 2020 study that found specific light colors are just as important as brightness in impacting circadian rhythms. It licensed the tech to a startup which now makes a bulb that aims to reset your body clock.

Mosaic Lamp from Harold’s Lighting | $68
Another bright idea — get a beautiful, handcrafted piece from a third generation-owned local biz and complement it with some houseplants.

Sweat it out 💦

Seattle Bouldering Project | $50-85
One great treatement for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is to get some exercise — and this Beacon Hill rock climbing gym is an uplifting way to do it, with options for every skill level.

Flow in the Dark | $15
This family-friendly yoga class in Bellevue embraces the gloom by shutting off the lights and handing participants glow stick accessories.


The “sunset” cardigan at Pipe & Row works for any seasonal wardrobe.

Photo courtesy Pipe & Row

Just treat yo’self 🎂

Goodies from Temple Pastries | $3-45
Croissants here are as light as can be, but don’t sleep on all the Central District bakery’s fluffy Kouign-amann or delectable pumpkin sage tart.

Sweaters from Pipe & Row | $75+
Nothing can sass old man winter like fine knitwear — and this Fremont boutique has stylish options for all kinds of bright personalities. The very literal sundown cardigan may be the way to go.

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