Where to buy cool houseplants in Seattle

Flex those green thumbs 🌿

A Philodendron Pink Princess plant, which has pink-colored accents on its leaves

Plant Daddy in Wallingford has some rare + exotic varieties for sale.

Photo courtesy of Plant Daddy

In the Emerald City, it totally is easy being green. 🐸

At the tail end of Indoor Plant Week, we thought it’d be a good time to remind everyone of the benefits our leafy friends can provide, from improving the air quality of your domicile to reducing stress levels + sharpening focussquirrel.

Those who want to spruce up their homes (or dorms) with plants for the fall season have lots of options around town. Here are a few suggestions:

🪴 Philodrean Pink Princess | Pricey but pretty, the Colombian native is easy to care for + looks great on a sill | Get it at: Plant Daddy in Wallingford

🪴 Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (“ZZ Plant”) | If you’re looking for something funky but hearty, the South African succulent “thrives on neglect” — aww, it could use an ego boost. | Get it at: Glasswing Greenhouse on Capitol Hill

🪴 Goldfish Plant (“Candy Corn”) | These lil’ fellahs are known for their colorful leaves shaped like guppies — although we dig the Halloween-themed nickname, too. | Get it at: The Plant Store in White Center

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