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How to become a Seattle area farmers market vendor

Looking to become a farmers market vendor? Here are some permits, resources, and general info you will need + which products each market is looking for.

A block that goes through the Columbia City Farmers Market in Seattle, WA, with a green sign highlighting vendors and people browsing tented booths

The Columbia City Farmers Market has a mix of produce and hot food, plus a lawn nearby to chill out.

Photo via Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets

Seattleites have range — if you’re a crafter or stay pickling those home-grown veggies, there’s a way to turn that hobby into a side gig.

Farmers markets are an easy way to get your name and business out in front of your neighbors.

Here’s how to apply to become a vendor:

Get your paperwork done

Sorry, we hate it too. But there are a few important pieces of paper you’ll need to get started.

  • A business license: You may need more than one depending on where you’re operating. Washington State and the City of Seattle both have their own — as do other local municipalities. Check your local gov’s website for help.
  • Food Handler’s Permit: If you’re serving food, you’re going to need one of these bad boys. Note: there are different kinds of food handling permits based on what food you’re handling.

Feeling a little lost? Seattle Farmers Markets has a list of relevant permits you might need and other resources to help get you set up.

Apply at your local market

Here’s a few you may want to consider:

  • Seattle Farmers Markets | This org is looking for businesses selling a variety of food items including produce, jams + pickles, and ready-to-eat items.
  • Pike Place Public Market | You too can become a part of this local legacy. Special applications exist for craftsmakers, farmers, commercial leasers, and biz owners wanting a temporary space to test out products with the locals.
  • Delridge Farmers Market | In addition to food stuffs, this market, which prioritizes BIPOC-owned businesses, is also welcoming craftsmakers.

Want to find a different market near you? Don’t be shy — check out our full list of farmers markets for more options.

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