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Parks and Recreation

Western Washington may need to be a little extra cautious when it comes to preventing wildfires this year.
Help take care of our city by getting your hands dirty with gardening, furniture repair, and more.
In addition to the international rowing competition, you’ll also get to enjoy the Seattle Yacht Club’s opening day parade and the Windermere’s Party on the Cut.
The coast rhododendron, which was picked as a state symbol in 1892, can be found throughout Seattle’s neighborhoods and parks.
We’re highlighting the 25 best parks that the Seattle area has to offer — including Discovery, Woodland, and Marymoor Parks.
Check out these 32 hiking trails catered to all skill levels in and around Seattle, Washington for outdoor adventures.
While exact construction deadlines have yet to be released, we know these new off-leash areas will be built near the West Seattle Stadium and Othello Park.
Block a street from traffic and host a neighborhood cookout, an outdoor rollerskating rink, live music performance, or a Pride event.
Here’s when, where, and what to look for when you go foraging in the spring — plus, some recipes for when you get back home.
37 of our local parks were designed by the same landscaping design firm that created New York City’s Central Park.
When the budget’s low but the FOMO’s high, we’ve got your back: Try these free activities around town.
Check out the rules and guidance for maintaining your own little hive of busy bees.
Break the Seattle Freeze’s ice with classes, meetup groups, and hobbies.
Average daily walking trips dropped by 36% in the US between 2019 and 2022 — see how Seattle compares.
The Central District’s community gathering space could be a model for the rest of Seattle.
The King Conservation District works to help give locals the tools and education to take good care of our natural world.
We’ve got all the dirt.
The big swells are normal and caused by an alignment with the sun and moon.
A variety of exhibits, tours, and movie screenings are being hosted around the city.
Seattle’s “original downtown” has a lot to offer these days, between arts galleries, delicious food, and solid public transit.
The new trees will be joined by a plaque commemorating the cultural significance of the trees to Japanese culture.
Traverse the route from Ballard to Rainier Beach.
The Japanese Garden and the Woodland Meadow are getting upgrades.
The Chicago-based company is known for its bocce and bowling opportunities.
This Portland-made, free-to-use, stand-alone toilet is working to address common public bathroom concerns.
We’re highlighting the best kid-friendly activities that Seattle has to offer — complete with art classes, animal encounters, and outdoor fun.
If you’re looking forward to watching the rainbow of reds, oranges, and yellows coming our way, you may not have to wait much longer.
The awards recognizes exceptional local volunteers.
Good news for Seattle.
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