Hot Homes: One of Seattle’s oldest mansions is for sale

The Queen Anne home has breathtaking views and an absurd amount of chandeliers.

The exterior of a white-painted mansion in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood overlooking the Space Needle

Much of the sprawling home’s original character has been maintained.

Photo via Wes Jones & Associates

Calling all real estate history buffs — one of Seattle’s oldest mansions is for sale, and it’s downright opulent.

Perched at 1214 Warren Ave. N. in Queen Anne, the 1902 home listed for $7,300,000 has been painstakingly restored room by room. It also boasts sweeping views of the city that would make Frasier Crane jealous (back when he actually lived here).

Here’s a little background on how this gem evolved.

A mint accented dining area inside a Seattle mansion with a music room and a cello in the background

The cello doesn’t come with the place, but the vibes are certainly classic.

Photo via Wes Jones & Associates

Back in the day

The house was originally owned by financial luminary W.J. Whitney, the founder of Seafirst Bank (which eventually became Bank of America). Whitney and his wife gave the place to their daughter as a gift — the lucky duck.

Though the property changed hands just a few times over the years, there have been improvements made, including an upper floor addition. Recent owners refurbished the interior over two decades, importing 250,000 pounds of marble and granite from China to improve the counters, flooring, and other features.

A view of the Space Needle from the living room of a Queen Anne mansion in Seattle

It might be hard to hold a conversation with a view like that.

Photo via Wes Jones & Associates

Rooms with eye-popping views

You can get lost wandering around the palace that boasts five bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms. One of those bathrooms even comes with a gold-plated bidet, because why not?

Original stained glass windows and Corinthian columns give a touch of early 20th century charm. Other fancy amenities include:

  • Nine fireplaces
  • 21 Italian chandeliers
  • An eight-seat movie theater
  • Three kitchens
  • Laundry on every floor
  • A room for musical instrument practice
  • A wine cellar

Thanks to its perch atop Queen Anne’s highest peak, several rooms have magnificent, panoramic sightlines, including views of the Space Needle and the Cascades.
The vistas are so picturesque, the 1990 Goodwill Games captured a view from the third floor to create a canvas backdrop used in the official broadcast. So, when do we all move in?

The house is being listed by Wes Jones of Wes Jones & Associates and Melissa Waller of Compass Real Estate.

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