SDOT releases new transit rewards program

Riders can get discounts if they scoot or bike to a transit stop.


The pilot program will run through March 2023.

Photo via SDOT

You may already bike or scoot around the city to save money (and/or time) — but there’s a new way to bump those savings.

The Seattle Department of Transportation’s program Bike and Scoot to Transit allows bikeshare or scooter riders to earn rewards by making trips to transit stops around town. Points earned from these trips can then be redeemed for discounted rides and free transit tickets until next March.

Riders can join the program through a few easy steps.

  1. Sign up for Transit GO Rewards.
  2. Download Bird, Veo, Lime, or LINK by SuperPedestrian apps.
  3. Take a trip to one of the qualifying locations.
  4. Collect your rewards at the end of any week you took a trip.

Need some more information? Check out SDOT’s full blog post.

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