Seattle’s Coolest Crow Has Been Crowned

All hail Beaky. 🪶

A black crow sits on a wire

Beaky won her run-off with ~70% of the vote.

Samantha Burton

It’s been tough, but we are now ready to call one closely watched local election...

Beaky has won the title of Seattle’s Coolest Crow. 🎆

The White Center resident submitted by reader Samantha B. defeated five other finalists, including fellow corvid Sheryl Crow in a recent two-bird run-off.

Some of Beaky’s backstory includes selling homemade honey at farmers markets, skating as an alternate on the Rat City Roller Derby squad, and possibly dating bassist Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam back in the day. Sounds pretty cool to us.

Beaky hasn’t cawed out a victory speech yet, but we look forward to her super chill administration. Thank you to all who voted — and let’s all flap our wings in congrats. 🍾

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