How Microsoft’s Activision deal may impact Seattle

A closeup photo of an XBox controller.

Experts speculate that Microsoft may integrate Activision Blizzard titles into its subscription service. | Photo via Pexels

Major achievement unlocked. ICYMI, Microsoft just added to Seattle’s rep as Video Game Hollywood by purchasing company Activision Blizzard for nearly $70 billion. This deal is ginormous in its own sense (and will shake up the industry), but it means a few things for the local gaming scene, too.

Special power

Not to push any buttons, but we’re already kind of a big deal when it comes to gaming. Besides Nintendo’s US headquarters, the greater Seattle region is home to more than 50 game companies, including major studios like Bungie (makers of “Destiny”) and well-regarded indie outfits. Our fingers are cramping just thinking about it.

This deal will only run up the high score. One employee at Seattle’s popular shop Pink Gorilla Games hopes the move would draw even more companies to the area and says there’s nothing wrong with Microsoft getting bigger “as long as they have the consumer in mind.”

Final bosses

Just over a year ago, Washington’s video game economy ranked No. 2 in the world with an estimated output of $11.6 billion. A lot of that moolah and 50,000 associated jobs are concentrated right here in the Puget Sound.

Microsoft has yet to reveal detailed plans on how it will integrate SoCal-based Activision into the fold, but the company currently has more than 100 open positions for its gaming divisions, 74 of which are based in Redmond.

Leveling up

While we love the shiny gold coins this could bring in, games are what matter most. Microsoft’s announcement will likely raises the stakes for all the various classes, events + exhibits you can check out in 2022, including:

And, don’t forget, Sonic the Hedgehog is paying a visit to the Space Needle soon, too.

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